Vector Logotypes - How to Create Memorable Logo?

Having a great and memorable logo is crucial to pretty much any business and website. Just because of logotype your visitors and customers are able to remember your brand and products you offer. What is a good logotype? This article will cover the most important aspects that a designer should follow when creating a logo.

1. Every logotype you design should be vector. Vector graphics offer such capabilities for modification that raster graphics can not and will never match. Vector imagery is based on paths that form objects not on small dots that are called pixels. Because of that, it is possible to resize vector image without any loss of quality.

2. Logos that look well anywhere are great. Company logotype has to look great in the header of their site, on their visiting cards, on T-shirts and any other material. One should be able to change colours of logotype with ease and place it on any material.

3. The advice to design vector logotypes has another important benefit. The best logos are the ones that are not crowded with a large number of unecessary elements. You should never use lots of photoshop effects in a logo design. If you use Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to create logotypes, they will be vector and most of the time simplistic but good-looking at the same time.

4. Always look for inspiration. Sometimes it may be truly difficult to think of completely new ideas and design something unique and original. It is always complicated to find new ideas. To solve this problem, visit inspirational sites, galleries of free vectors and other design elements on regular basis. This will ensure that you keep up with the newest design trends and are full of new ideas.

5. Good logotype should tell the story. Are you wondering what do I mean by
saying that? Great logotypes are those that are able to speak and people understand what the company is about and what services it provides just by looking at their logotype. Always think whether logotype you created reflects the ideas and values of the company or website that will use it.

Creativity is crucial when creating a logotype. However it is not enough. Logotype designers should follow some important rules when creating new logos. I hope that this article will be helpful and the visitors of this site will design many memorable logo designs in the future!

Earn money selling vectors

Do you have any skills working with programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw? Can you create vector graphics and illustrations? Would you like to earn money? If the answers are "yes" this article is a must-read for you. We are going to discuss a popular yet still amazing method on how to use your design skills and knowledge to earn solid amounts of money.

Have you ever heard of microstock websites? These are photography galleries where everyone can buy high quality photographs and use them for design, advertisement or other projects. However, most people still don't know that designers can upload their vector graphics to such sites and get paid for this. Most photobanks have over ~8 million photographs in their galleries, yet the number of vector illustrations is still somwhere around 1 million. This is a great niche, not crowded with fierce competition.

If you're the one who has some skills in designing vector art, you should not wait any longer and try to upload your work to microstock agencies. After upload is finished, you will not have to do anything else - the files you uploaded will work for you day and night. Although daily or monthly income might not be impressive but you will definitely not feel that way when you see how much have you earned by the end of the year. Doing absolutely nothing

There is another great way to use your tallent in vector design. Some people create websites or blogs where they share their web graphic works for no cost. Such sites become popular fast, everyone likes to get high quality resources for free. Once that happens, it is not hard to earn by offering banner or link advertisement services on your site.

Be original, be creative and you will always be able to find ways how to use your skills to get money. In this article, we have discussed two great ideas. If you're the one who has some knowledge in creating vector art, you can try these methods yourself and then share your experience.

Don't buy vector art, get vectors for free

Nowadays photobanks like Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Istock are getting more and more popular. At this moment biggest microstock galleries have way over 10 million images. Such a huge variety and assortment make sure that even the most demanding web designers will be able to find what they're in search of. However, subscription prices of these agencies are usually relatively high. In this article I will discuss a way on how one can save lots of money and find high quality free vector online. This usually does not apply for photographs.

During the past few years various free vector graphics and art galleries have become prevalent. Some designers understood that it might be a way more profitable to share their work for free and earn from advertisement networks like Google Adsense or BuySellAds. Because of this, one can find lots of high quality images in encapsulated post script, adobe illustrator or corel draw formats for no price. Just try to find some of these amazing sites in search engines and you will be amazed what can you get for free.

On the other hand, these free vector galleries are yet not big enough to reach those numbers of microstock sites. Still, we are confident that it is only a matter of time. People start to understand the advantages of sharing everything with no need to pay. Such time will come when everybody will be able to find graphic resources they are in a need of without having to pay lots of money.

Join us, stop paying huge sums for those things, that you can get for free. The more people decide to use free resources, the sooner the day will come, when subscription-based programs will go down and free vector art sites start to take over them.

Would you like to see what we're talking about? Here are several high quality vectors
tree silhouette vector
vector birds